Maximizes Your Grip

Dry Grip is a solution that causes the moisture and sweat from your hands to evaporate, leaving your hands completely dry and your grip strong.

Repels Rain & Perspiration

Our formula is so effective; it can repel water, even rain, leaving you with dry hands in even the most intense environments to enhance enhance your sports performances.

No Powder Mess

A regular liquid-chalk solution leaves a strong white color on your hands, and powder can leave a mess. Our Dry Grip solution is completely transparent and will leave you looking clean!

Why Does This Product Work?

The alcohol in Dry Grip disrupts the molecular bonds of water, reducing the amount of energy needed to evaporate the moisture. This means that our solution is actively evaporating the sweat from your hands, which is why they remain dry. A little bit of Dry Grip solution goes a long way – Just squirt a few drops to keep a strong grip & your hands dry for hours!

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