Expert Tip #1.

Citronella is a well-known ingredient that is usually discussed when dealing with Mosquitoes.
However, not many people know that Citronella also works as a great fly repellent!
In fact, Citronella Mosquito Repellent Coils can work wonders in a yard or anyplace (outdoors) that has a fly problem.

Citronella Mosquito Repellent Coils

Use Citronella Repellent

Benefits: Keeps Mosquitoes & Flies Away!

Features: Pleasant Smell, Easy to use, Chemical Free, & Effective!

Cons: Not well known to keep flies away.

Expert Tip #2.

We've all seen those yellow light bulbs, right? Studies have shown that yellow is the number one color that repels flies!. The good news is that they really work, but it would take surrounding your entire house with those yellow bulbs to have any lasting effect.

Pro Tip: Blue Light attracts flies. You can use Blue Light Bulbs to lure flies to other areas (and away from the area that you want to keep free from insects)!

Yellow Fly Light Bulbs

Install Yellow Light Bulbs

Benefits: They really do keep flies away!
Features: Yellow Bulbs emit a yellow light which acts as a natural fly repellent.
Cons: Yellow light must surround the entire area to keep flies from passing the yellow barrier.

Expert Tip #3.

This may seem obvious, but the best way to keep flies away is to not attract them in the first place! One way to keep from attracting those pesky flies is to keep the area clean.

Garbage is by far the biggest factor in attracting flies & other insects. Flies are attracted to the garbage & will lay their eggs which eventually become maggots.

Keep your garbage clean by wiping them down as thoroughly & as frequently as possible & clean up after your pets to keep the flies from congregating in areas that you want to stay insect-free!

Clean Your Garbage Cans

Keep Your Area Clean

Benefits: Keeping the area clean will in turn attract less flies to that area!

Features: Keeping any area clean provides a naturally more pleasant experience for all occasions (not just for keeping insects away).

Cons: Manual labor is usually required to keep the garbage area clean.

Expert Tip #4.

This works best for smaller areas (such as a small picnic or small porch). Take a few glasses of water (they must be completely see-through) and add water about half-way up.

Throw a few pennies into each glass of water (make sure the pennies are not overlapping each other).

Now place each glass of penny-water surrounding the area that you want to keep flies away (Example: the food in the picnic).

This method is supposed to reflect light from the water & throw off the flies "compound eye".

Now sit back & enjoy your picnic!

Penny Water

Pennies & Water?

Benefits: Effectively keeps flies away from small areas.

Features: The Pennies inside of the glass of water creates a reflection which flies HATE.

Cons: Best for small areas. Large areas require many more glasses & this method becomes less effective as the area grows.

Expert Tip #5.

There are a few natural remedies & formulas that are thought to keep flies away.
We will list the most popular below, however, it's important to note that these remedies - while they might work some of the time - are not a perfect solution & can be considered a "hit or miss".

Apple Cider Vinegar: Fill a bowl with Apple Cider Vinegar & place it in the place that you want to eliminate the presence of flies. The flies will be repelled from that area.

Lemongrass Oil: Similar to Apple Cider Vinegar above, flies are deterred by the smell of Lemongrass oil.

Milk. Sugar, Pepper traps: Heat one cup of milk, two tablespoons of Black Pepper, and three tablespoons of Sugar. Let the mixture simmer for 7-10 minutes. Allow to cool. Pour the mixture into shallow dishes. Place the dishes around the infested area & wait for flies to be attracted to the mixture. Once the flies land on the mixture, they should drown.

Natural Home-Made Remedies

Natural Home-Made Remedies

Benefits: Simple ingredients which are readily available in most homes.

Features: Fast, Simple & Easy way to Repel or Kill Flies.

Cons: Not always the most effective at getting rid of flies, but definitely worth a shot.

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