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BUMP-XL-360 Front Bumper Guard & License Plate Protector

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17.2" Wide x 8.2" High x 2.25" Thick

BUMP-XL-360 is the largest & most durable Front Bumper Protector on the market. It spans a remarkable 17 inches long, with patent-pending Bump-Wings on each side. You can be sure that the BUMP XL will protect more of your bumper than any of its competitors.

The 2.5” inch thick EVA material can withstand sudden impacts such as reversing cars and even minor fender benders, protecting your bumper from all angles, while at the same time keeping your license plate from getting bent out of shape.

Will the BUMP-XL-360 lose its shape or tarnish in the freezing winter & scorching summer months? Nope, the BUMP-XL-360 was engineered with all weather types in mind. Its weatherproof materials can withstand ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS; from the heat of Arizona to the bitter cold of Alaska.

Bump-360-XL was built specifically for SUVs, Mini-Vans, Trucks, and Vans while still perfectly suited for cars and vehicles. If you have a large vehicle you need the BUMP-360-XL.

Quick & Easy installation (under 10 minutes)! Everything you need comes included with the mounting kit. Each Bump-360-XL also includes a step-by-step video tutorial showing you how to install the unit to any vehicle.

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Paul Mercedes

A plus product very good