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Liquid Courage

Liquid Courage – Hilarious, Fun Adult Drinking Card Game for Parties Text - Dare - Drink + Bonus 90 Card Expansion Pack

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  • This ADULTS ONLY game has everything from provocative DARES to DRINKING to TEXTING people excruciatingly embarrassing messages. Gather some of your single friends or couples, some of your best or cheapest booze, and get ready for the party of your life.
  • Need something to spice up your game night? Liquid Courage is the perfectly hilarious Drinking Game for you and your friends. This is not your ordinary card game! Naughty dares and the funniest texts have the power to transform your weekend or camping trip. Ready to get drunk?
  • BONUS EXPANSION PACK! With your purchase of the Liquid Courage game, you will receive a 90 card expansion pack FREE! So you get 200 cards in the main game and 90 expansion cards, 290 CARDS TOTAL!
  • HOW TO PLAY: There are four piles of cards. Choose a Contact card and either send them the embarrassing text illustrated on the cards, do a Dare, or take a Shot. TEXT, DARE, SHOT.
  • This savage game is the perfect gift for men and women who love having fun! Great as a birthday gift, Christmas stocking stuffer, bachelor / bachelorette party, a shower, or an enjoyable night in with a friend. Get loved ones gifts they won’t forget! As long as you like laughing, drinking, and having a great time, this funny card board game will make your simple gathering a day or night to remember. With 4 piles there’s a variety of action cards, so you’ll never get bored!