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Fly Falcon UV Light Flytrap

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Fly Falcon + Extra Traps

  • WHAT'S INCLUDED – One UV Light Flytrap & Non-Toxic Sticky Glue Refill Boards (5 Pack). These disposable traps are designed to effectively capture flying insects and can be easily replaced when full. Effective during the day & even more effective at night.
  • HOW IT WORKS – The UV Fly & Bug Catcher (AKA The Fly Falcon) emits the exact frequency of UV Light that attracts and traps flying insects like a magnet. Once the bugs are lured towards the device, the insects get stuck on a non-toxic sticky glue board. The Fly Falcon is chemical free, safe, quiet and does not have an electric zapper - avoiding dangerous zapping and loud noises. The discreet insect trapper hides your catch, providing effective and silent insect control.
  • 3 PRONG SWIVEL PLUG - The Fly Falcon is easy to use, with a 3-prong swivel plug that plugs into any standard wall outlet , and disposable glue boards that leave no mess. It also has a replaceable long-lasting bulb, making it a sleek and aesthetically pleasing addition to any home , living room , dining room , bedroom , kitchen , hallway , den , warehouse , office space , barn , pantry , garage , waste room , outdoor cabana and any space indoors.
  • ULTIMATE ATTRACTION - The Fly Falcon Smart UV Light uses “FALCON-TECH”, a specialized blue light frequency that attracts flies like a magnet. Unlike other pest control products that use a “scatter-gun” approach with a broad spectrum of lights, FALCON-TECH ensures maximum effectiveness in catching these pesky insects.
  • ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Our Fly Wall Trap Starter Kit with 5 Glueboard Refills , offers a safe and environmentally friendly alternative repellent to chemical sprays and zappers making it a safer solution to use around children and pets. Perfect solution to rid your house from big to small gnats , mosquitoes , moths , fruitfly , flea , housefly , drain flies , cluster flies , lady bugs , stink bugs , love bugs & more…

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Herman Dates
Thank You

Thank You for sending what I paid you for, but I won't ever purchase anything for you ever again. Good Bye.


love the product, customer service was great