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Fly Falcon UV Light Flytrap

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Fly Falcon + Extra Traps

  • WHAT'S INCLUDED – One UV Light Flytrap & Non-Toxic Sticky Glue Refill Boards (5 Pack). These disposable traps are designed to effectively capture flying insects and can be easily replaced when full. Effective during the day & even more effective at night.
  • HOW IT WORKS – The UV Fly & Bug Catcher (AKA The Fly Falcon) emits the exact frequency of UV Light that attracts and traps flying insects like a magnet. Once the bugs are lured towards the device, the insects get stuck on a non-toxic sticky glue board. The Fly Falcon is chemical free, safe, quiet and does not have an electric zapper - avoiding dangerous zapping and loud noises. The discreet insect trapper hides your catch, providing effective and silent insect control.
  • 3 PRONG SWIVEL PLUG - The Fly Falcon is easy to use, with a 3-prong swivel plug that plugs into any standard wall outlet , and disposable glue boards that leave no mess. It also has a replaceable long-lasting bulb, making it a sleek and aesthetically pleasing addition to any home , living room , dining room , bedroom , kitchen , hallway , den , warehouse , office space , barn , pantry , garage , waste room , outdoor cabana and any space indoors.
  • ULTIMATE ATTRACTION - The Fly Falcon Smart UV Light uses “FALCON-TECH”, a specialized blue light frequency that attracts flies like a magnet. Unlike other pest control products that use a “scatter-gun” approach with a broad spectrum of lights, FALCON-TECH ensures maximum effectiveness in catching these pesky insects.
  • ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Our Fly Wall Trap Starter Kit with 5 Glueboard Refills , offers a safe and environmentally friendly alternative repellent to chemical sprays and zappers making it a safer solution to use around children and pets. Perfect solution to rid your house from big to small gnats , mosquitoes , moths , fruitfly , flea , housefly , drain flies , cluster flies , lady bugs , stink bugs , love bugs & more…

Customer Reviews

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Raymond Isaac
Affordable and Effective Approach

I purchased 3 of these for a brand new single wide hunting camp manufactured home. I had a serious fly problem and the lights have helped eliminate that considerably. The glue pads are always full of a variety of flies, moths, and other flying insects. I guess that means that they are working. When combined with fly strips in all windows the fly problem has subsided significantly.

Bulb is iffy

While the bulb worked it was great

Pam DiDominick
Fly Falcon UV Light Flytrap

This is the best product we have found for Indoor pests. Highly recommend this product. In fact we are going to purchase another one.

william nichols

The flytrap works very well....however, how do I get glueboard refills....conveniently??

Herman Dates
Thank You

Thank You for sending what I paid you for, but I won't ever purchase anything for you ever again. Good Bye.