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W4W Auto Registration Insurance & ID Card Holder (Value Pack)

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  • Car Registration and Insurance Card Holder for any Car, Truck, Motorcycle, or Automotive Vehicle. Easy to store In any visor or glovebox.
  • CAR ORGANIZATION: this easy to use car registration and insurance wallet is the perfect organizer for important papers documents and ID. You’ll never have to go through the hassle of shuffling through stray clutter of papers sunglasses of envelopes again. If asked by the police for proof of registration or license, a driver can take their holder out of the glove box and hand over neat and tidy documents in seconds.
  • SAFE PROTECTION / LONG LASTING :  protects documents from wear and tear, takes up little space in glove compartment, and the nylon exterior plus a large plastic interior makes the enclosed documents waterproof. Additionally, there’s a Velcro attachment that seals the holder shut for additional protection.
  • EASY TO READ: the adjustable plastic divider inside the wallets make the paper visible and safe on the inside, so you have no trouble reading your documents in an emergency, you don’t even have to take them out! Perfect as automotive consoles & organizers
  • EASY USE: these card and document holder accessories are divided on the inside to allow room for multiple essentials and storage items, even money. Just lift the pouch and insert your desired items inside! Drivers of cars everywhere will be relaxed and relieved to have the W4W registration and insurance card holder

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for what they do

I recently ordered a 4-pack. I got them directly from and they are exactly as described and as I expected/hoped.
The small black cardboard and plastic sheeting/covering make up a folder that is held closed by a small, circular piece of velcro on the inside of the folder. It has good gripping power, but not so much that I can't get it open without ripping the cover. There's gold printing on the outside cover with a graphic of a car and the words "Auto Registration & Insurance Holder". Nothing flashy. It just looks neat, not tacky or gaudy. Once it's open, it lies flat, exposing a clear pocket with an access area on both sides to assist with grasping smaller pieces of paper or your ID (this folder is like a billfold, as it only folds in half once).
On one side I have my insurance card and my mom's handicap placard ID card, and on the left side is my registration papers. I love having everything in its place and nice & neat. Best $8 I've spent in a long time. If you're a happier person when things are in their place and you know where everything is and your house is in order.... well then, you'll like the reassurance that having all of your vehicle's documents are neat & orderly in the glove compartment, perfectly in their place. If you're thinking about getting these, I say "Just do it." They're inexpensive and will make you feel so put together when you get them and then go out to clean up and organize the glove box and put one of these to use, and before ya know it, you're in such a good, happy cleaning/organizing mood that you end up organizing your entire car/SUV/truck 🙃