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Window Bug & Fly Traps - Non-Toxic & Family Friendly [16 Traps]

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  • Each Pack contains 16 nontoxic sticky clear window fly traps - works for most flying bugs including Fruit flies, Gnats, Horse fly, Cluster fly, Bluebottle fly, Sand fly, House fly, Drain fly, Black Flies,moths, mosquitoes, and most other flying insects (16 pieces included)
  • Non toxic - Home, family, and pet safe - No mess, no zapping. Safe for kids, applies directly to any windows; put it in your kitchen, Sticks on wood, glass, indoors, outdoors, anywhere in your house, kitchen or garage!
  • Our paper thin clear flytraps are made with strong glue and cut into 8.5"x 3" strips to stick to your windows and catch the gnat or flying insect that you can't seem to get rid of without the mess of a zapper!
  • Easy to apply, just take out of pack, peel off thin white liner from tape, place trap on windows or other flat surfaces, peel off large release liner, and proceed to see this disposable hanging fly catcher kill all of the unwanted little pest that flys around your house or apartment.
  • Safer alternative to other bug spray repellent such as raid, insecticide, and other harmful sprays that are used as well as more effective than the annoying fly swatter you run around using. These Clear Window Fly traps are also less visible than fly ribbon paper & Flypaper.

Customer Reviews

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Best ever !

The window fly strips are the best fly trappers I have found ! Much better than any spray or fly strip. Very easy to use! thank You ! Living in NE Arkansas surrounded by rice fields, the flies are extra heavy this year.

Donald Maziade BM-167218
Very sticky