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W4W Giant Fly Trap Roll - 2 Pack

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  • [2 GIANT ROLLS] Max Strength - Non Toxic – the 30 foot long, 10 inch wide super sticky fly trap gives you more than enough premium insect trapping surface. (2 Pack)
  • Tired of those pesky flies and insects that just won’t go away? The Maximum Strength super sticky flytrap is the perfect solution! Traps: Fruit fly, spotted lantern fly, horse fly, carpenter bee, wasp, gnat, moth, mosquito, ant, spider, flea, beetle, ladybug, whitefly, hornet, maggot, worm, and other pests. Our nontoxic fly trap is safe to use by any window, in the house, kitchen, horse barn, garden, yard and other high infestation areas where humans or animals may come in contact with it.
  • Using a spray or other repellent to eliminate an insect infestation can be tedious, tiring, futile and often leaves a bad odor in your house or barn. A spray may also poison plant and tree roots by spreading toxic waste. A hanging sticky paper can rid you of your pest problem with not nearly as much effort. Just hang the roll on a wall or tree and wait for the special light yellow / green color and faint pre- baited scent to attract and kill flying insects.
  • The Giant Fly Cather strips are water resistant and can weather most storms without a loss of glue or efficiency. It is also disposable with easy to tear paper, saving you from the bother of using a razor or having your hands stick to or come in contact with the trapped bugs while ripping.
  • Guard and rescue your plants outdoors! Those bugs flying around and making holes in your flowers and greens can be a killer if they’re not taken care of.