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W4W Jumbo Fly Stick - 3 Pack

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  • DIMENSIONS- 10 inches long by 3 inches wide, this trap can catch a multitude of insects, including: fruit fly, lantern fly, housefly, whitefly, horsefly, lady bug, mosquito, moth, bee, spider, wasp, flea, gnat, hornet and more. Similar to ribbon strips, the easy to use stick trapper uses glue as a deterrent to catch and kill pests, though on a larger scale than the ribbons can. Let the sticky flypaper be the insect eliminator! (3 Pack)
  • PEST CONTROL- Pesky flies always interrupting your calm and no way to catch them? The Fly Stick is the perfect solution. This flytrap is equipped with a tray to add honey or syrup as bait. Together with the substance on the tray, the unique color and design of our bug catcher, which was strategically engineered, can lure insects away from the crowd and onto the disposable sticky paper.
  • SAFE, NON-TOXIC- Unlike other bug killing agents, the W4W Fly Sticks rely completely on nontoxic substances that are harmless to children and pets. Honey and syrup can be used to bait and kill a variety of bugs and houseflies without the unnecessary danger. A repellent or spray is packed with harmful chemicals and poison that may have a foul scent. Unlike a zapper, the stick roll is not electric. Honey provides a safer, natural, and effective alternative.
  • OUTDOOR INDOOR USE- Take back control of your home with the large W4W insect catcher. These stick flytraps have an easy to use hook that allows them to be hung anywhere inside or outside your house: a pantry, kitchen, window, door, garage, backyard, garden, lawn, yard, patio, horse barn, chicken coop, ranch, farm on a tree or even near your plants to rescue your plant from any damage a pest may cause.
  • HOW TO USE- With it’s easy to use hook, hang the trapstick anywhere bugs are a problem to get rid of the annoyance. Before hanging the flycatcher, add honey or syrup to the tray to act as an attractant in addition to the light yellow / orange hue of the stick itself. As wasps, gnats, and other bugs are flying around, they will gravitate towards the disposable strip and away from your calm state of mind. This fly magnet traps and kills the flies so you don’t have to.

Customer Reviews

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David Kay
Fly Sticks for GNATS and FRUIT FLYS

Your sticks also work great for gnats and fruit flies. Instead of honey/syrup I used apple cider vinegar. This was the third time I ordered your sticks. The first set filled up within a week. I also gave a set to my neighbors. They had excellent results also. We are having a bad gnat and fruit fly problem in our neighborhood this summer. With your sticks, we have our problem under control. You may want to add the apple cider vinegar option to your product information.